Editorial Platform for Josh Skinner and Kristina Dergacheva


Our names are Kristina Dergacheva and Joshua Skinner and we are running for the co-editorship of the prestigious student newspaper: Arthur. Both of us bring three years of experience at Trent University that qualify us for this job, and are excited to get started. Kristina’s experience as president of Trent International Students Association (TISA), the […]

Editorial Platform for Yumna Leghari and Zara Syed


This year marked a half century of Arthur’s existence since Stephen Stohn first began this student rag in 1966. The implication of two young Pakistani women running this paper 50 years later is an incredible symbol of how far our society in has come.  Through our diasporic lens, we were able to shed light on […]

Reconciling Islam and the West through knowledge

On March 23, distinguished professors Dr. Anver Emon and Dr. Mohamma Salaama lectured for Trent’s Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility. The “Embracing Difference in Difficult Times: Rights, Faith, Identity and Muslims” talk comes at a time when Muslims and their faith are coming under increased pressure in the West, with this talk seeking […]

Results of the student-led review of Traill College

Dear readers sorry for the confusion from the article printed last week the following is where we really are in the student lead evaluation of Traill College. As you may know, we had a survey sent out to undergraduate students of which 411 replied. This was a wonderful response rate, and thank you for all […]

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Panel discussion tackles the big issues in politics


In light of International Women’s Day, two Trent alumni took it upon themselves to take the international day to new heights in Peterborough. On March 4, Arthur co-editor Zara Syed and former Arthur editor Sara Ostrowska organized a panel discussion to raise awareness and provide a safe space for discussion surrounding women and minorities in […]

Spiwak runs for second term as TCSA President

Alaine Spiwak is running for a second term as TCSA president and she wants voters to look at her track record. “I hope the big thing I have going for me is the past experience with the TSCA, you can see what I’ve done and you can decide whether you have found the TCSA to […]

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Corey LebBlanc running for TCSA President

President- Corey LeBlanc

Corey LeBlanc is running an unconventional campaign for TCSA presidency. LeBlanc has used alignment with Donald Trump with the campaign’s slogan ‘Make Trent Great Again’ and association with Doug Ford using a picture with the Toronto politician to gain attention, albeit attention with rather controversial politicians. He said he doesn’t necessarily support Trump’s campaign or […]

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Trans and queer women at forefront of Black Lives Matter


Feb. 29 marked the official ending of Black Heritage Month, it was a month filled with activities and events intended to celebrate the past and building the future. In accordance with the theme, the Black Lives Matter movement was the event selected to provide a platform for students to shape and influence current events and […]

Rally demonstrates anti-abortion ads are anti-woman


Co-authored by Troy Bordun Approximately 60 people turned up for the Rally and March for Reproductive Justice at 5p.m. on March 8. While the rally was held on International Women’s Day, it was also a response to the City of Peterborough’s decision to allow anti-choice, pro-life advertisements from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) […]

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Pro- life for who, exactly?


During your commute to school you may have noticed the bench across from the Tim Horton’s on Water Street, which depicts an image of an infant with the phrase: “Take my hand, Not my life.” These signs, brought to you by the Peterborough Pro-Life group, can be found on benches around the city. In lieu […]

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