Black Heritage Month [Feature]


Editors Note: To kick off Black Heritage Month, the Trent African Caribbean Student Union (TACSU) organized a powerful photo series. This series portrays strong messages and personal perseverance regarding race and personal experiences in relation to race. Our feature for Issue 15 showcased this photo series, and featured a poem by Daisy Komujuni. We will […]

Awareness: a white privilege guide

White privilege: a topic that elicits a spectrum of emotions from confusion to utter denial of its existence. The term first appeared in a paper published in 1988, entitled “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” by Wellesley College professor Peggy McIntosh. White privilege is defined as a “social advantage that comes from being seen as […]

TCSA looks at recent successes and future improvements

On Jan. 27, Trent Central Student Association (TCSA)’s winter semi-annual general meeting (SAGM) was held in the Sadleir House Lecture Hall at 1p.m. The meeting saw the endorsement of changes to TCSA by-laws and policy resolutions, as well as an active dialogue that ensued surrounding the proposed amendments. SAGM also approved the financial statements from […]

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Dissent and solidarity: a word with Ziysah, one of the “Trent Eight” on Peter Robinson College

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Co-written by Zara Syed In 2001, Trent students barricaded themselves in the Vice President’s office for three days. They were fighting for transparent democratic representation regarding changes to the the impending closure of Peter Robinson College. They demanded that democratic processes be reviewed at the university, to ensure that decisions were being made fairly. Students, […]

PM Justin Trudeau visits Masjid Al-Salaam


Justin Trudeau is unlike many politicians-maybe, more accurately, there is not another politician like him. A youthful crowd, interspersed with families and the more experienced members of our community, attests to the idea that Trudeau is inspiring many. Beyond being hilariously good looking and suspiciously normal, his lack of cynicism and practical idealism leaves him […]

Long- form census reinstatement


It only took the Liberals two days in office to announce the reinstatement of the long-form census. Navdeep Bain, new Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development came out on November 5th to announce the move stating that they want Canada to have “reliable good quality data” about their population. In 2010 Harper’s Conservative government […]

The Liberals’ promise of electoral reform

Canadians today sit nearly one month removed from a monumental election in our country’s history. We witnessed a dramatic shift in parliamentary power, as the Liberals were elected into a majority government, receiving an almost 60% increase in support from the 2011 election in which they did not even achieve official opposition status. We elected […]

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Solidarity is the only way forward after Masjid Al-Salaam attack


The days following the deliberate arson attack on Peterborough’s only mosque,  Masjid Al-Salaam, were chaotic ones. The Muslim community and Kawartha Muslim Religious Association President Kenzu Abdella were overwhelmed with national press streaming into Peterborough, as well as ongoing  police investigations. From the ashes and havoc rose a defiant phoenix that said loud and clear, […]

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Proportional representation in Parliament


One of Justin Trudeau’s promises is electoral reform. According to the Liberal Party website, in 18 months, an all-party parliamentary committee will be formed to discuss our current single-member plurality (SMP) system and first-past-the-post (FPTP) voting (the most votes in a constituency wins). Trudeau recommends preferential or ranked ballots, or some form of proportional representation […]