Solidarity is the only way forward after Masjid Al-Salaam attack


The days following the deliberate arson attack on Peterborough’s only mosque,  Masjid Al-Salaam, were chaotic ones. The Muslim community and Kawartha Muslim Religious Association President Kenzu Abdella were overwhelmed with national press streaming into Peterborough, as well as ongoing  police investigations. From the ashes and havoc rose a defiant phoenix that said loud and clear, […]

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Proportional representation in Parliament


One of Justin Trudeau’s promises is electoral reform. According to the Liberal Party website, in 18 months, an all-party parliamentary committee will be formed to discuss our current single-member plurality (SMP) system and first-past-the-post (FPTP) voting (the most votes in a constituency wins). Trudeau recommends preferential or ranked ballots, or some form of proportional representation […]

Trent Alumna Maryam Monsef is our new MP


Trent University’s launch for the International Institute for Environmental Studies brought together great speakers from around the world and locally including Trent Alumni Maryam Monsef and Jeff Leal, who are successful local politicians. Arthur got an exclusive interview with Monsef reflecting on the election, as well as Trent University being part of her success. What […]

Liberals clean sweep 2015 elections with 184 seats


  A second wave of Trudeaumania has swept the nation off their feet. Winning by more votes than his father, Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party of Canada has been declared Canada’s Prime Minister. Trudeau will be returning to his roots at 24 Sussex Drive, where he once resided during Pierre Trudeau’s term as Prime […]

A tall tale from your editor

Urgent Report to the Anti-Colonial Crown 19 October 2015 TOP SECRET Making Copies Prohibited Copy No. 1 Erable Telegramme, Late tonight, T. Sulcair invited me to come see him. We spoke alone. He stated that the onslaught of Tory propaganda and the stifling of the CBC was his primary cause of concern. I was told […]

My spoiled ballot


Like approximately 3.6 million other Canadians, I decided to vote in advance this election. However, my experience this Monday at the Lion’s Centre in Peterborough was not ordinary. After registering to vote, I watched the electoral officer tear my ballot from the book. It was folded, initialed and handed to me. I opened it when […]

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been in the works since 2010. Intensive debate took place at the end of September 2015 and continued until a deal was reached on October 5. The 12 countries – Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, U.S., and Vietnam – will continue to review the […]

Revolutionary Student Movement on campus

The student collective is named just that: Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM), or Mouvement Etudiant Revolutionnaire (MER) in French-speaking regions.  Guided by communist principles, the RSM was formed in 2012 after the Revolutionary Communist Party in Toronto held a conference, inviting similar groups  nearby to come together and share resources. Since then, the RSM has grown […]

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Vote for yourself!

Voting is probably the most important thing you can do in life. Politics is not about who can provide you with safety; that is an illusion. It’s not about the economy; that is cyclical. It’s not about insulting someone’s appearance; that’s petty.  Politics is about expressing the ideals you hold dearest and turning them into […]

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Skip your lecture, leave work early, and vote!

With the official federal election date set for October 19, students face a lot of challenges ranging from being a first-time voter to not being in one’s own local riding. There is also an issue of convenience with regards to a student’s responsibilities, such as lectures, labs, seminars, or placements.  Elections Canada states, “By law, […]