TCSA By-Elections: Nominations Close Next Week

Once again, the TCSA by-elections are upon us. Soon the campus will be flooded with eager candidates soliciting your support, most of them twitching sporadically from nerves and excessive caffeine intake. All jokes aside, the campaign and election process is your chance to raise issues and promote amendments to the student council policy. There are […]

Students Across Canada Attempting to Defederate from CFS


[Update: the original article claimed that if the 15 schools attempting to defederate would leave several sections of Canada unrepresented by CFS. However, the total member unions among the provinces listed greatly exceeds 15. This claim has thus been redacted. We also acknowledge a source within CFS who puts the actual number of schools attempting […]

Join the Growing Movement to Divest Trent from Fossil Fuels


Co-written with Nick Weissflog. As we launch into a new year, the campaign initiated by Sustainable Trent in March to divest Trent from fossil fuels is building strength and momentum. We have returned from the summer months with fresh vision and energy for the year ahead. In the March 2013 TCSA elections, students voted to […]

OPIRG: Working Towards Environmental and Social Justice at Trent

Co-written with Matthew Davidson As life returns to campus after the quiet months of summer, so does student activism. Against the rising inequality and injustice in Canada, the student-based environmental and social justice organization OPIRG-Peterborough is once again working to make the campus and community a safer and more equitable place. Pursuing social justice and […]

Trent Liberty: Free Your Markets, Free Your Mind

By now, you may have noticed the distinctive black and white posters decorating the many walls and passages across campus carrying our logo. Perhaps you overheard a fellow student or professor mention Trent Liberty’s PintsNPolitics in lecture or at the caf.  Or, maybe you are unfamiliar with Trent Liberty entirely. In any case, you may […]

CUPE: Giving Workers a Presence in Campus Politics

Until recently, one of the best kept secrets of the university world was that the people who do most of the teaching are actually not professors in the strict sense, but contract faculty and graduate students. It’s a trend that has been growing everywhere (though Trent faculty still teach a lot) and it’s finally starting […]

Youth Nominees to Challenge Seasoned Peterborough NDP Candidate Dave Nickle


The Peterborough NDP Executive voted last week to hold a nomination meeting in late-September or early-October of this year. The purpose of the meeting will be to determine who will represent the NDP in the next provincial election. Dave Nickle, who has represented the NDP provincially since 1999, will be up for nomination. However, two […]

Dean Del Mastro Defends Trudeau Attack Ads, Teachers Speak Up


Canada’s political climate is not often compared to the exciting politics in the United States. Recent attack ads targeting Justin Trudeau, however, have caused quite a stir. Trudeau was recently elected Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, in a landslide vote of over 80%. The Conservative Party of Canada quickly unleashed a series of […]

KWIC: Playing The Hunger Game

hunger games logoFEATURE

KWIC Hunger Games Rescheduled! Friday March 22, 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. West Bank, Lady Eaton College, The Pit Capitalism. We all know the term, we all know it exists, but how often do we look at the world around us and recognize it? Probably not very often. Not that one should. Paradigms develop from […]

The Solution to Ever-Rising Tuition Fees: Strike?

students cash cowFEATURE

Arguments surrounding tuition are never in favour of higher fees or more debt. So, why do we pay so much and continue to do nothing? Arthur spoke with two students, Joé Dufour et Mathieu Gilbert Thévard, who were part of the Québecois student strike (aka Le Printemps Érable [The Maple Spring]). All translations and interviews […]